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About Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate in Dubai is the only Hollywood-inspired theme park in Dubai. Get yourself transported to the real-life movie sets of Hollywood and experience the behind-the-scenes functioning of a movie studio and filmmaking actions at the studio's central zone.

At Motiongate park, you will get an opportunity to enjoy rides based on various movie themes like the Hunger Games, The Smurfs, Zombieland, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and much more. The park has an interactive and multi-sensory attraction for a perfect experience. It is a massive theme park in the desert with five different zones, 27 slides and attractions based on movies like Shrek, Ghostbusters, Hunger Games, and much more.

The theme park is designed to delight and entertain every visitor, regardless of age. Along with kids, adults also have plenty of activities to indulge here, including Zombieland rides, Lionsgate zone rides, and much more.

The park also has various thrilling motion simulator experiences, including Panem Ariel Tour, 4D Hovercraft, and much more. Motiongate park in Dubai also hosts 15 live shows in different areas, which are a must to explore with your family. Children will love to explore the Smurf village, which has exact replicas of the Smurf house and the live iconic characters from the movie. Younger ones can also enjoy the aerial tour of the village on an exciting roller coaster and the Smurf village express.

Why to Visit Motiongate Dubai?

Motiongate park in Dubai is a must-visit for fun-loving people who want to explore endless movie themes, fun, spectacular shows, and thrilling rides. Explore popular attractions like Kung Fu Panda, gravity-defying ride, live shows and 4D movies at this park. You can even battle with the Ghostbusters and can join the Zoosters at Madagascar. Here you can capture some epic photos or fly with the toothless dragon; the place is meant to enjoy and have fun.

The Motiongate in Dubai is divided into five themed zones inspired by Lionsgate, The Smurfs, Dreamwork Animation, Columbia Pictures, and Studio Central. These five theme parks are equipped with twenty-seven exciting attractions and thrilling rides, offering the entire family a complete package of cinematic experiences.

The park has something for everyone; be it a child or an adult, you can easily find a suitable attraction and ride for yourself. The roller coaster based on the Hunger Game themes is the famous and most thrilling ride of the Motiongate.

The place is the latest push into becoming the entertainment capital, now popularly known as ‘Hollywood in Desert.’ After enjoying the exciting rides, you can grab quick snacks at restaurants and cafes, and you can also do some shopping at various gift shops.

Motiongate Dubai Zones

Motiongate park in Dubai is unlike any other theme park, and the presence of five unique zones based on the most famous Hollywood movies makes the park unique. Every zone in Motiongate Park houses various amazing attractions and rides, which are also themed around popular movies from these studios, offering a unique experience to its visitors.

DreamWorks Animation

This park zone is for you if you are a fan of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, and many other classic animated movies. Here you can fulfill your dreams of hitting the skies with the toothless and participating in the martial arts with the furious five. The park has organized everything for its visitors.

Columbia Pictures

The Columbian picture zone features attractions and rides on the biggest hit from the Columbian pictures, and the zone is the most famous among all five. You can partner with the Ghostbuster to save the city from terror, become the vampire warrior companion in a fictional underworld, fly the Lycans with Selene and experience a high-speed chase of various rides. It has seven attractions with a water ride and shows featuring ghosts, zombies, and much more.


After entering Lionsgate, you can experience the thrilling world of hunger games. The theme park features merchandise, rides, and food from famous movie series and books. The attraction is a must-visit for the fans of Panem who always dream of visiting the fictional city. Explore the Lionsgate for spectacular dance shows like a step up Dubai and much more.

Smurfs Village

Enjoy the magical world of smurfs filled with mushroom top houses and an entire area of cute blue creatures which have entertained the audience for multiple years. This theme park is a home to 5 attractions, including a fun little theatre show, rides designed for the entire family, play zones, and much more. It is perfect for kids and features the internationally beloved smurfs.

Studio Central

The initial stop of every visitor will be the studio center which is a full-fledged celebration of Hollywood’s golden age. It features a movie set in New York City. Here visitors can know behind the scenes of how a movie is created and the complete working of it. You can know the magic of making movies and art behind creating magical scenes in a movie.

Rides In Motiongate Dubai

Here are the best rides in Motiongate Park for a fun and thrilling visit.

John Wick: Open Contract

It is a 10-story high roller coaster that moves with a maximum speed of 64 Kmph along a 310-meter track. If you wish to enjoy this enthralling 4-D ride, you can choose from the two sides, i.e., the challenge to fulfill the blood oath and protect John Wick or you can be on the darker side and act as an assassin. The height restriction is 125 cm to 195 cm.

High Roller

The high roller is the world’s fastest spinning coaster via single cars. The highest speed of the roller coaster is around 70 kmph. It is also the first spinning ride to have a perfect distinctive feature, i.e., a non-inverting loop. So, riders can enjoy the coaster slide from high heights. Height restriction is 125 cm to 195 cm.

Capitol Bullet Train

Science fiction fans and the fans of ‘The Hunger games’ should not miss this ride. It is the only ride in the world inspired by these movies. The ride will put you through the blood-coagulating inversion with a zero-gravity roll. The train is meant for strong-hearted people, and the height restriction is 130 cm to 195 cm.

Madagascar Mad Pursuit!

Let the name of the ride not confuse you. It is named Madagascar, but the ride is not only for kids. It can be enjoyed by adults also as it is the fastest ride at Motiongate park in Dubai, with a speed of 80 Kph. The ride is filled with excitement and action and will reveal your true wild side. Height restriction is 125 cm to 195 cm.

Dragon Gliders

The slide is genuinely inspired by the movie ‘how to train your dragon.’ This thrilling roller coaster will take you to an aerial view just above the island of Berk. It is filled with spine-chilling sweeps and plunges via dreary dark caves, the sinister forbidden island, and the tremendous magical hall.

Zombieland Blast-off

Have you ever come face to face with a zombie? No. This ride will let you encounter zombies lurking in every corner. Only the fast rider can survive zombies. Riders will find themselves along the broken path and creepy wreckage with closed doors. There will be some survival tips, but the natural way to survive is via a free fall of 58 meters. Height restriction – 130 cm or taller.

The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase

The thrilling ride is about speed as you pass through a junkyard made of all types of hazards, which are the actual obstacle course. Few jumps will make you feel like riding at a breakneck speed, but the adrenaline rush will go on. Green Hornet is a must-try family ride but comes with a height restriction of 105 cm or taller.

Smurf Village Express

Smurf village express will take you through the magical forest home to blue smurfs. The ride is pure entertainment for children as the village of smurfs will whisk them off to a wonderland. The ride is a complete family ride, so parents can enjoy it along with their children and explore the smurf berry factory, cannonballs, and much more. Height restriction – 100 cm or taller.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - River Expedition

The ride is perfect for relaxing after enjoying the roller coaster and thrilling adventures. The ideal expedition will take you on a thrilling voyage to the swallow falls. Riders should be ready for drenching as it is not a regular sailing boat. You will encounter animals and food on the way to the ride. Height restriction is 105 cm or taller.

Ghostbusters: Battle for New York

Get yourself ready to engage in a shooting battle with other riders to aim at the target. The ride also features attractive live entertainment and characters from the movie Ghostbuster. It is a complete family entertainment package where you can show your courageous side by getting yourself hired as Ghostbuster. Height restriction 90 cm or taller.

Panem Aerial Tour

Panem Aerial Tour is also themed around the hunger games. It is a 4-D suspended theatre where riders can ride a hovercraft that will fly over Panem. Riders need to wear 3-D glasses and enjoy the simulator experience on this 4-D vehicle. The ride will take you in an immersive tunnel solution. Height restrictions 100 cm or taller.

Kung Fu Panda: Unstoppable Awesomeness

Join the Kung Fu Panda adventure as you become part of the rescue mission planned by Master Po to get the legends released. Experience the true awesomeness seated in a 4-D art simulator which will make you relive the excellent dreamwork animation film with its ground-breaking animation and high-kicking humor. Height restriction 105 cm or taller.

Smurfs Studio Tours

It is based in a village-based on a popular animated film. The entire family can enjoy this dark ride and see the working studio of Smurfs, their factory, and the entire village. The ride is purely smooth with some mesmerizing experiences. Height restriction is 90 cm or taller,

Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey

In this ride, you will be set up on a journey that will take you through the world of ogres. During the ride, you can hear a stirring tale. A puppeteer will be there to talk about the touching story. Fiona and Shrek are narrating their story of love. Height restriction is 90 cm or taller.

Dine And Shop At Motiongate Dubai

Supporting Rolls Bakery

Grab freshly baked cookies or a refreshing cup of Cappuccino at supporting Rolls Bakery. You can head here with kids to get yourself recharged with delicious food. The eatery is the perfect location for sweet-toothed people as they serve cookies, cakes, ice-creams, and much more. Type – Coffee shopCuisines– Sweets, desserts, and bakeries

Mr. Ping's Noodle Shop

Grab a unique flavor of Chinese food directly from the Valley of Peace, including everything from egg tarts, steamed momos, fried rice, and noodle soup. This is an excellent place to go if you are looking for something vegetarian and a unique Kung Fu Panda experience.Type – Quick serveCuisine – Asian

King Julien's Side Show Café

The main attraction of King Julien’s slide show café is its spontaneous live acts which turn the entire café into a jam session for visitors. Chantel DuBois is the unique attraction at this café. Here you can find delicious food options like vegan quenches, shepherd’s pie, mashed potatoes, fish, and chicken.Type – DiningCuisine – Fast Food.

Very Smurfy Café

This is a unique themed restaurant based on the popular movie ‘The Smurfs.’ Here you will get a Smurfy preview of excitement, which both kids and adults adore. The café offers a variety of food dishes, from grilled chicken to Arabic sandwiches and tiny pizzas. You can also get Smurf-themed sweets.Type – DiningCuisine – Fast Food & Cafe

Slimer's Diner

Ghostbusters-themed pastries, fluffy sweets, and delicious burgers make this restaurant famous in Motiongate park in Dubai and is perfect for every guest. The restaurant offers numerous food options, including noodles, sandwiches, cakes, pastries, pasta, pizza, and much more. Here you can dine in at the nicely themed restaurant.Type – DiningCuisine – Fast food, Desserts, Beverages, and American

Baby Brent's Luncheonette

It is an Italian restaurant that serves appetizers, spaghetti, and sliced pizza. When you are in a deep food coma after watching the movie ‘Couldy with a chance of meatballs, they find themselves landing at the baby Brent’s Luncheonette. The restaurant serves everything making it a perfect place to eat after your thrilling adventure. Type – Family restaurantCuisine – Desserts, Italian, beverages

Ghostly Gifts

At the most famous shop of Motiongate in Dubai, you can enjoy picking up your Ghostbuster spirits photographs or buy various other souvenirs at the famous ghostly gifts. These can be used to scare your siblings and to enjoy a thrilling game with your friends and family members.

Sweet Sweet Nothings

Suppose you want to grab some signatory candies and sweets. This place should be on your must-visit list and will be loved by your kids too. Sweet Sweet Nothings also sells a vast range of gummy bears, lollipops, jellybeans, and chocolates, which are favorites for kids and adults.

Lens Fair

Lens fair is always an excellent option to serve you with some exciting memories of the Motiongate theme park. Also, never forget to go through a massive collection of pictures they have displayed in their store as a hall of fame. It is like an open museum which you can explore anytime.

Know Before You Go Motiongate Dubai

Here's how you can plan your visit to Motiongate Park

Essential Information
Rules & Regulations

Location and How to ReachDubai Parks and Resorts, Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite Palm Jabel Ali, Dubai, UAE

How to reach

By Metro: The nearest metro station is Jebel Ali station. From there, take a quick cab ride.

By Bus: Motiongate Park in Dubai provides free shuttle service from various hotels and malls. You need to check at your hotel/mall reception about the same. You can also take the RTA bus, which makes 26 trips daily from IBN Battua metro station to the Motiongate park from 7.00 AM to 11.30 PM.

By Car: You can come directly by car and use the Motiongate car parking to park the car.

By Taxi: You can hire a taxi service from any part of Dubai to reach the park.

Best Time to VisitThe best time to visit Motiongate in Dubai is in the morning to avoid the crowd. And the best time of the year is from October to May, as most rides are indoors. Avoid visiting Motiongate park during weekends or public holidays as you will encounter a considerable crowd during this peak.

Dress Code:There is no specific dress code; however, one is expected to wear a respectful dress. Also, to enjoy every ride without worry, you should wear comfortable clothes. It is also recommended to wear shoes to explore the park comfortably.

Facilities- Strollers and wheelchairs can be availed for rent. The wheelchair user can participate in some of the rides also. - First aid stations, drinking fountains, and ATMs are available throughout the park.

  • Few rides have age and height restrictions, so check them before booking.
  • Visitors can be photographed during the attractions and rides, which can be purchased later from the reception.
  • Visitors' items will be screened at the entrance for enhanced safety.
  • Electric mobility and wheelchairs are allowed inside the theme park.
  • Hoverboards, skateboards, and scooters are not permitted inside the park.
  • Tickets to Motion gate cannot be resold, refunded, exchanged, or rescheduled. If any alteration is done, tickets will be cancelled immediately.
  • Adults should accompany kids below the age of 13 years.
  • Adhere to the safety guidelines and follow staff instructions for every ride.
  • Few rides at the Motiongate in Dubai Park will be unsuitable for people with special conditions, such as expectant mothers, and mental and physical disabilities.
  • Plan your day to explore every zone at the park.
  • It is a big theme park with lots of walking from one zone to another. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Sometimes the sun can get pretty intense, so it will be safe to wear a hat or cap and UV protective sunglasses to save yourself. Apply sunscreen also before stepping out in the sun.
  • Teach your kids about every possibility of how to get in touch if separated. It will be better to put a note in their pocket with your name and number.
  • You can also enjoy several nearby attractions while visiting Motiongate Dubai.

FAQs of Motiongate Dubai

What is the best time to visit Motiongate Dubai?

The best time to visit Motiongate Dubai is during the morning as there will be fewer visitors, and you do not have to wait longer to enjoy rides. Also, it is recommended to avoid visiting the park during national holidays and weekends due to the heavy crowd of tourists.

Why Motiongate is so famous?

Motiongate park in Dubai is a unique theme park dedicated to Hollywood studios. It is the only existing park where you can experience Hollywood-inspired themes. The park is split into five zones, i.e., Studio central, Smurf village, Lionsgate, Columbio Pictures, and DreamWorks Animation. Together all the zones offer 27 slides and attractions meant to be enjoyed by kids and adults. There are various live shows at the park, offering a unique experience to the visitors.

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How much time do you need in Motiongate Dubai?

Motiongate Dubai is a massive park packed with 27 attractions and slides in five different zones. You need around 5- 6 hours to enjoy Motiongate entirely. You may also spend more time here and can enjoy every attraction for a long time.

Is Motiongate indoor or outdoor?

Motiongate Dubai is a bit of both; however, it is primarily indoor. All shows and rides can be enjoyed on closed premises, so you can easily save yourself from burning hot weather. There will be some outdoor exhibits also, but everything is in complete shade. The DreamWorks section occupies almost half of the park area and is entirely indoor.

How to reach Motiongate Dubai?

By Metro – Reach Jabel Ali via metro and then hire a taxi to reach Motiongate.By Bus – Take bus number 91 from Burjuman metro bus stop A, which will drop you at Jebel Ali Free Zone, Kanoo Group from their theme park, which is at 15 minutes distance.By Car – You can come via car and use the Motiongate Dubai paid parking service.By Uber– You can avail of Uber services anywhere in Dubai to reach the park. By Towncar – A towncar service runs between Dubai airport and the motion gate. This option is better if you are in a group of more than three people with lots of luggage.

How many rides are in Motiongate?

Motiongate park features 27 rides and attractions, distributed among five zones, i.e., Studio central, Smurf village, Lionsgate, Columbio Pictures, and DreamWorks Animation.

How many games are in a Motiongate?

Motiongate in Dubai has around 30 games that are made for both kids and adults. You can explore these games in different zones of the park.

What is the fastest ride in Motiongate?

Madagascar Mad Pursuit is the fastest ride at the Motiongate, with a thrilling speed of 80kph. The ride is only for strong-hearted people.


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